Monday, November 18, 2013

Recommended korean drama

there are several drama that i had watched in this year and some that i would highly recommend! 

1. Fantasy and Romance

- The Master's Sun

- My Girlfriend is Gumiho

- Secret Garden

2.  Medical 
 - Great Doctor / Faith

     - Golden Time
- Good Doctor
- Dr Jin

3. Action  (RECOMMENDED)
    - City Hunter
  - Two Weeks

     4. Comedy
    - Full House take two

 5. Cinderella story
     - Boys Over Flower
 - My Princess
  - Cheongdamdong Alice

    6. Girl turn to Boy
    - To the beautiful you

    - You're Beautiful

    7. Long lost heroine ( both drama staring the same kids)
    - I Miss You
  - The moon embracing the sun

                A lot huh? this is due to the sppbs system loading too long and i manage to finish all these drama while key in my students records ;-) finally done both my work and entertainment..