Monday, November 18, 2013

Recommended korean drama

there are several drama that i had watched in this year and some that i would highly recommend! 

1. Fantasy and Romance

- The Master's Sun

- My Girlfriend is Gumiho

- Secret Garden

2.  Medical 
 - Great Doctor / Faith

     - Golden Time
- Good Doctor
- Dr Jin

3. Action  (RECOMMENDED)
    - City Hunter
  - Two Weeks

     4. Comedy
    - Full House take two

 5. Cinderella story
     - Boys Over Flower
 - My Princess
  - Cheongdamdong Alice

    6. Girl turn to Boy
    - To the beautiful you

    - You're Beautiful

    7. Long lost heroine ( both drama staring the same kids)
    - I Miss You
  - The moon embracing the sun

                A lot huh? this is due to the sppbs system loading too long and i manage to finish all these drama while key in my students records ;-) finally done both my work and entertainment..


cEro said...

Aku bukanlah peminat cerita korea..
Tp dlm semua2 ni, aku pernah tgk yg My Girlfriend is Gumiho tu...
sebab utamanya aku minat sama heroin dia, Shin Min Ah.
Cute dia tu...hehehe

nerdy nadea said...

cero..ak sebab banyak masa terluang...kikiki...pastu sistem key in markah pelajar slow sangat, sempat aku layan sume nih...;-)

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