Wednesday, March 16, 2011

unforgettable taste

 take turn to be photographed. DOF lol.

my neighbor just pop out in front of my house with a stack of candy and CHOCOLATE. u know what, i love the scent and the taste of chocolate but the problem here is i cant eat it even the tiniest slice because of the migraine that i prone to. i remember last week how my head react with it when i took a little bite of choc cake. that was an unforgettable pain and unforgettable taste .-_-. that's the level of my seriousness of migraine.

nothing can cure migraine but painkiller do help to reduce the pain. and 1 more thing, just pray to Him. and for me, forget the choc. i used to list the dont's of migraine HERE. and article from aku anak pahang is all about this disease.

oh back to my neighbor, thanx a lot. appreciate it but i'll keep it in photograph before my lil sis and bro attack the candy goodie ^_^.


cEro said...

alaa, sedihnya takleh makan coklat dpan mata..
takpe, diri sndri kena jaga gak, kan???

::FAIZ FARISH:: said...

i nampak kopiko, sbb i suka kopiko.. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

kenapa tak makan choc? btw, i baru je rasa choc lady bird tu. super sedap. :)

Aisya J said...

comelnya chocolate ladybird tuuu!~ :D

storyfromme said...

comelnye coklat ladybug tu :)

afzan said...

wah banyak coklat. dan nice perspective. coklat dijadikan sebagai subjek. brilliant :)
aku, dia & lensa