Friday, January 15, 2010

Clinique Grooming Workshop in UTM

While having my brunch with tero, a promoter from Clinique product came to us and invite us to Clinique Grooming Workshop. No fees and absolutely free for UTM student. They promise to give a goodie bag worth rm200. Wow! I was impress with the goodie bag. So, we went to the Clinique Grooming Workshop which was located at Alumni Hall, 5 minutes before it get started.

(picture show ghost..wee..its the motion of the beautician)
The spoke lady named Florence (sorry if the spelling is incorrect).
She talk about the skin care product..about the 3-step..bla..bla…

No testing to animal..(this is good.hee)

They tested to human only..they ask for volunteer and this woman came front when being chosen after a lot of audience wants to be a part of the experiment..

They test the cleanser, toner and moisturizer to the woman’s hand and it was proven when the left hand is different than another hand.

Haha..i like the Q & A session coz i got a gift when answering the question..

Florence : who knows what is the function of cleanser?

Me: I remove dirt.

Florence: and? I want two answer..


I raise my hand again and said “to remove dirt and oil from skin”..(haiya..tersasul lidah should be to remove dirt and excess oil from skin..thee)

Guess what..i got mascara and lip gloss from clinique brand..wahaha..

And inside the goodie bag : serum for pore minimize, lipstick 4 different colors, free voucher for starter kit Clinique skincare and free voucher worth rm100 for personal make-up workshop.

Its really good to have this workshop because now I know how to apply toner, moisturizer, foundation, blusher, correct way..

p/s: love to chase after free stuff..;-)

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