Tuesday, November 30, 2010

style transform wish

i got bored by play-safe-style : cardigan + top + jeans + flat shoes. i wish i could be more than safe. more brave with high level confident even though I'm not model-high-n-size. i wish these with shawl :


cropped jacket with flare jeans

boot with dress and jacket

shock color jacket with loose pants

over sized cardi and tops and boots =)

my clerk said, i'll get my salary in march 2011. oh my..i'm started thinking about rejuvenate my wardrobe and my photography stuff ^_^..cant wait lorr -_- now i'm money-less. shut up!

p/s : actually macam tak berani je nak cuba lain-lain stail.


cEro said...

try laa..
tak salah mencuba dan berani..

(suka gile tgk ko letakkan shawl dlm gambar tu..)

syamimi fatin said...

waa... mmg stylo ah... sukaaa :D

iLa SaHaR said...

menarik gak style tuh

DAUD said...

seyes, pada aku x lawa.

yana said...

paling suka boot, dress and jacket tuuu :) but dekat malaysia? macam tak mungkin je. kannnn :|

nurul nadea said...

cero, aku guna paint..hik hik..hmm, yana u r rite..x sesui kat malaysia tapi but low still buleh kut ^_^